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Framed Cross Stitch

 Yesterday I stopped at Catan’s and bought frames for a bunch of finished cross stitch.  Darth Vader only took me about 10 days (on and off) .  Hubby is taking it to work for his desk.  This was a very easy, quick stitch.

The heart piece was started many, many years ago.  I think it only took an afternoon to finish it up.  I may have started it right after my grandfather died, but that was back in 1998!

Blessed is the Piecemakers was finished last year and has been sitting on my sewing table waiting to be framed.

The Love Is piece is a free chart from DMC using color variations thread.  I couldn’t find a couple of them at the time, so I substituted other colors.  This one will go with all the other Love Is framed pieces in the hallway.  I still have 4 pieces left to frame, the Dream, Believe, Hope and Imagine ones.  I have 2 frames that will each hold 2 of the pieces.  Hope to get that done this weekend too and figure out where everything is going to be hung! I am hoping to start working on Galaga tonight while we watch tv.


Yesterday I worked on putting together the first border on the hexagon quilt. I’ll work on this on and off while I work on Galaga, I already have the thread for quilting, but the borders are going to take me awhile I think.

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  1. Jeanie

    Your “blessed are the piece makers” design is soo cute! Would you be willing to share the design? My best friend quilts and i was trying to find something to give or to make for her and your design is just soo awesome. I would be sp excited if you would if not – i understand 🙂 just thought I would ask and also compliment.

  2. Jeanie

    Hi! Do you have the design for the blessed are the “piece” makers cross stitch work? Ive been looking for it everywhere.

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