Design Wall Monday

I thought since I finally started working on stuff that I’d participate in Judy’s Design Wall Monday over at PatchworkTimes.  I think I said the other day I was going to redesign my hexagon quilt, now it’s 50 x 50 and boy do I need a lot of flowers!  I am going to need 56 flowers, currently I’m up to 24 – 20 of them are currently sewn together.  I’m shocked at  how much work I’ve gotten done in just under 3 weeks of hand work.  I’m finding that I have a lot more time than I thought when I can work on hand projects, mostly when Alex is playing and doesn’t need me.  I used to just sit and read, sewing is better! 🙂

Status 02-27-12

Here’s an export from EQ of what the quilt is going to look like, the browns are actually scrappy, but all will have the red centers.  I’m also thinking that the red border will actually be scrappy reds, I just haven’t decided if I want to stick with 1 color for the blue border (scrappy blues) or do totally scrappy like I did with the flowers.  Anyone have an opinion? I don’t think I’m going to do the binding following all those points, I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut them off even and square it up.

I spent all of Saturday afternoon up working on getting mom’s quilt tacked so I can get it off the frame and give it to her to quilt.  Then I need to get going on quilting the one for my sister, I guess she’s redo-ing her bedroom and this quilt plays into that.  Hope it’s big enough for her bed!!!

Still flying along!

I really have been flying on this hexagon quilt.  I’d say I’m just about halfway done and I’ve only been working on it for 2.5 weeks!  I was surfing today while I was stitching some pieces together and found an interesting website with the History of Hexagons.  I also saw a picture that gave me a great idea for the border, and no, I’m not telling until I have it designed out in EQ and know for sure that’s what I’m doing.  I still haven’t decided how big I want to go with this, but I do know I want to try hand quilting it.  I was thinking about making a small flower – maybe with 2 rings around the center hexi – and hand quilting that first before I start on the whole quilt.  I still want to take a class on hand quilting, but I don’t know if and when that will happen.  I forgot to post the picture the other day of the pile of 2.5″ squares I cut with my Accuquilt Go, so I’ve posted that below along with the current status of the top – I can’t wait to get more done!

Pile of 2.5" Squares cut with Accuquilt Go
Hexagon quilt status 02-24-12

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about blogging and something bothers me.  You don’t know if anyone is actually reading it or if you are really just talking to yourself!  I know my hubby reads this, because it’s in his RSS feeds and he mentions it all the time, “I see you blogged today”.  But I don’t know if anyone else is reading this or not.  I don’t seem to get any comments, which makes me think either I’m not interesting, or no one is reading.  Oh well, it is what it is I guess.


I got my new die yesterday and boy is it nice!  I just cut 48 2.5″ squares in 1 pass out of a fat quarter!  And there is so little waste!  Here’s some pics I took as I did it.  I’ve cut up 2 fat quarters so far, I have 6 more to do, plus the three 1/4 yard white on white’s that I bought.  I’m really glad I spent the money for the die, should have done this sooner.  I’ll have to finish cutting later, Alex is up from his nap and I need to give him a bath!  I’ll be back later with a picture of all the pieces I cut out today!

So much done!

Oh my goodness have I accomplished a lot lately!  Today was the guild sew-in, only 2 people besides me showed!  I finished the blocks for The Quilt Show 2010 BOM and started working on the borders.  I got the first set done, I have 136 half square triangles to put together for the next set of borders.  Probably won’t get to that yet, but it’s next on the agenda!

December Star Crazy Blocks

Remember last year when I said I was going to start hand piecing a quilt?  Well, since I want to use the 2.5″ squares on the hexagon quilt I decided to just machine piece everything I had done and see how big it was going to turn out.  It’s kinda on the small side unfortunately (only 20″ x 36″) , I’m thinking I might put some borders on it and have it in the car for Alex.  We’ll see what I decide to do with it, it won’t be anytime soon!  I might just decide to start making more blocks and make it bigger, I do like how it looks.

hand piecing project

My die from Accuquilt shipped last week and should be here Monday, so I will be able to cut up the whites I bought last week and the fat quarters I pulled from the stash.  I’m really happy with how it looks so far, I did a mock-up in EQ and right now it’s designed at 37″ x 43″.  I’m not sure how big I want to make this, so for now that’s where I’m headed as a starting point.  I need 39 whole flowers and 10 half flowers for the top and bottom, right now I’ve got 15 whole flowers completed.  It looks dark in the picture but’s it really not that dark.  I bought some plastic templates at Joann’s last week and have started using them.  I haven’t decided if I like the heavier weight paper or the templates yet.  They are a lot thicker than the paper, I’ll have to see if there’s a difference when it’s sewed together and the templates are removed.

Hexagon Quilt 02-18-12

Never got up to the frame the other day, I still need to finish removing the red tacks from the backing so I can get working on re-tacking it, I want it off that frame!!!  Now that I have my MacBook pretty much setup the way I want with music, I’m hoping I can work on it tomorrow since I’ll have music to listen to while Alex sleeps!

Wow I’m flying!

Was it only Tuesday I posted about starting my hexagon quilt? I cannot believe how much I have done already! I’m using red centers for the flowers and scrappy around that center. White in between each flower. I have 9 flowers done, 7 of them almost all put together. Putting this much together allowed me to pull some of the templates out and I can work on getting more flowers together. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to go to Joann’s tomorrow and get some fat quarters – white for sure and possibly some colors – even though I have a bunch of squares all ready to go. A few years ago one of my friends gave me a gift certificate for Accuquilt, and I haven’t used it yet. I think I’m going to get the 2.5″ square die which will cut out 9 squares per layer at once. It’ll be so much faster doing it that way instead of using the value die that came with my Go that only cuts 1 per layer at a time. It’ll also help when I decide to go back to my other hand piecing quilt project with the 4 patches.

Hexagon Progress 2-12-12

I didn’t mention it the other day, but I never made it to the guild sew-in last month. I spent the morning of the 26th prepping Star Crazy and making my pillow case contribution. By the time Alex got up I wasn’t feeling very well and had a fever! Somehow I managed to get the flu and was sick until the following week. However, they are having another one this weekend and I already told hubby I needed to go. Have to figure out a way to start working on my projects!!!

Pillowcase for charity

Hoping to get up to the frame in a little bit to see how much I can get done on basting my mom’s turning twenty quilt. I had it almost done and discovered that there wasn’t enough backing fabric the way I had attached it to the frame. Had to take it all out and start over again. Since I’m using those red plastic tacks I need to get the off the backing so I can start again. Hoping to get that done soon so I can quilt the tumbler quilt for my sister – haven’t worked on that in a long time! I just went back to link to the post where I showed it and I haven’t taken a picture of it yet! I don’t feel like taking it out right now, but I’ll get a picture before it goes on the frame.


New Project

I don’t even know how it started. I was reading blog posts and clicked on a link that took me somewhere and next thing I know I’m deciding to use my already cut 2.5″ squares to make 1″ hexagons. I printed out templates on matte photo paper since it’s heavier than regular paper. I’ve already got 29 basted and ready to start stitching together. I can start working on that tomorrow, hubby and I will be watching the Cavs/Miami basketball game. Nights that his team play my team are always tense, but we still love each other!