Design Wall Monday

Well, I’m making progress!  I’m now working on the final row before adding the scrappy border.  I have the 6 remaining flowers done, I’m prepping the rest of the white I need to finish the row.  I’m hoping to start on the border by the end of the week.

I’ve been asked to teach EQ7 at Amherst library again, this time instead of doing 2 classes (beginner and advanced) we are just doing 1 class.  I need to start looking at the manual and learning all the new stuff!  I haven’t had time to do much with it lately, but I have it on my mac using a free virtual software, so I can start working on the lessons while Alex plays!

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A Finish!

Well, a finish times 4!  I finished Dream, Hope, Believe and Imagine last night.  Boy were those beads a pain!  They do look awesome though!  Somehow I managed to have a least 1 bead on each piece in the wrong spot, but I don’t think it’s very noticable.  Just need to find 4 matching frames and decide where to put them.  Now I can concentrate on the hexi quilt, only 2 rows left to complete then I can work on the border!

Dear Jane Siggie Blocks

Well I got my blocks done today, they are all packaged up and will be picked up by the mail carrier tomorrow.  I love being able to print shipping labels online and have them pick it up, I don’t have to go to the post office anymore!  All of mine were done with some form of green outside of the center square.  At least I have 50 blocks done and it will be shipped way before the deadline!  I did get some more white on white fabric today at Joann’s and I already have them all cut up and in the 2.5″ square bin just waiting to make some more hexis.  Planning on work on the beading the rest of the night, I’m hoping I can get the first one done tonight – it is a possibility!

Design Wall Monday

Well, I actually got the next row attached on the Hexagon quilt last night!  I have 2 rows left to do and I already have the flowers ready, just need white hexis!  I mentioned here that I wasn’t sure if I should do a scrappy border or solid colors.  I’ve decided that I’m going to do scrappy.  Especially now that I have all my 2.5″ strips cut up into squares!  I love my Accuquilt Go!  I mentioned in February that I got the 2.5″ squares die that has 9 squares on it.  It was so easy to line up the strips and just keep running it through the machine.  I even found a stack of fabric I didn’t realize was there and cut it with the chisel die.  Not that I have a plan for a project, the strips were just the right size!  Alex and I are going to Joann’s today after his Dr’s appt, I need a different container for these beads, a different pen/marker for the Dear Jane Siggie blocks, and maybe some more fabric, we’ll see what I find.

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It’s been awhile

I know, I haven’t been around lately.  I’ve been busy!  We now have an 18 month old, and man is he active.  He never stops!  I mentioned last time that I joined a SAL on Facebook.  I have all 4 words done, just have to do all the beading which is totally new for me.  I think I need to get a beading needle, I found some that might work, I just need to try them.  If not I’ll go to Joann’s after Alex’s 18 month Dr appt and get some.  I don’t have pictures yet, I hope to have some this week as I finish the beading.

I now have all of my Dear Jane Siggie Swap blocks done, I just need to stamp and sign them all.  Had to make 50 blocks!!  When I get a chance I’ll have to start designing the layout, I should have them all back sometime in the beginning of May because they are due to the coordinator by May 1st.

While I was finishing up my siggie swap blocks today I was looking at the pile of 2.5″ squares on my sewing table.  I have a basket of colors and was going to buy another basket for the white/lights.  I also have a basket for 1.5″ strips and 2.5″ strips.  I decided today that since I never use the 2.5″ strips and might not ever, I’d rather use my 2.5″ square die for my Go and cut them all into squares.  Since I’m working on the Hexagon quilt using the 2.5″ squares, this will give me some more variety.  I actually threw some strips away, I don’t know where they came from and the fabric was just so thin I didn’t like how it felt.  I got everything ironed and waiting on the cutting table, hopefully I can get it all cut up in the next day or so.

I’m working on adding the next row to the hexagon quilt, hoping to have that done tonight so I can get a picture.  I have the next row of flowers done, just need to get some white squares prepped, I’ll have lots of papers for them once I get the row added.

See you soon!

Odds and Ends

I haven’t been able to post lately, because I haven’t had anything to write about!  I finally got the next row on my hexagon quilt, I’m up to 5 rows and have 3 left to do.  I finally got some more Thimble-It stick on thimbles, so I can start working on that again.

Hexagon Quit as of 040612

I joined a group on Facebook that is doing a SAL (stitch a long).  The chart is Joan Elliott’s Dream – 1 of a set of 4.  I’ve been keeping up quite well and decided that since I could get the book at the library I’d do all 4 of them.  I’m using a 28 ct Jobelan called Summer Sky.  I’ve got Hope caught up to match Dream and I’ve started Believe.  I can’t believe how fast these are working up, even on 28 ct fabric!  I’ve always worked on regular aida and using anything else has been harder since I’m doing 2 over 2.  I really do like how they are turning out though!

Dream as of 040212

I got my package from Nicole at Just Keep Stitching today.  The lavender smells wonderful, but it’s so strong I had to put it in another ziploc bag and get it out of my office.  I’m thinking of planting in my flower beds, anyone know if it will spread??  She also sent along a pack of flower seeds, can’t wait to get those in the flower beds too!  Thanks Nicole!

Just Keep Stitching prizes!!

I decided that I was going to join the Dear Jane Siggie Swap this year.  I’ve been working on putting together the blocks today, I have 16 ready to be signed and another 20 ready to be put together.  We haven’t gotten the final count yet, I’m hoping it’s not much more than 36! 🙂 I’ll post a picture when I get them done.  I’m looking forward to putting the quilt together once we get all the blocks, haven’t decided how I want to do it yet though.  The block is really easy, it’s just a 3.5″ square for the center in a light fabric so you can write on it and 4 triangles around that.  I had a huge stack of 4.5″ squares I cut from scraps with my Go, so I just had to cut them in half.  I just had to buy some light fabric for the centers, and I picked up Kona White the other day.  One of these days I’m thinking of buying a bolt of Kona white or Moda white solid….course I need some money for that!! 🙂

Hope to post more soon!!