Galaga Update

I’ve been working hard on Galaga and making lots of progress.  You can’t tell, but I messed up counting on the left and threw stuff off, but it’s really not noticeable.  I’ll just have to keep it in mind when I start working on that side!  This is the first time I’ve used Q-snaps on a project and boy does it take some getting used to!  I’ve used 5-7″ hoops for 30+ years!

I finished putting on the first border last night, spent a good 90 minutes working on it at the car dealership while I waited for the truck to be worked on yesterday and decided to just finish it up last night.  Now I can start prepping more hexis and start the next border.  I’ve also decided on how I’m going to test hand quilt this quilt.  I printed off some 4″ hexi’s from EQ and I’m using 4.5″ squares cut with my Go to make the hexi’s.  I’m just going to do a flower and then I’ll quilt it.  That should give me an idea of how easy/hard doing the whole quilt will be.  I hope!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day!  Thank you to all those that have served, past and present!

IHSW Update

Well I managed to complete the first page of Galaga this weekend.  Just 11 more pages to go!  I think this will go fast, there’s really not that much to it, the issue is there’s so much “white space”!  I spent an hour or so this afternoon working on it and almost have a second page completed.  I hope to finish it tonight.

I was hoping to get to work on the hexagon quilt, but unfortunately there just wasn’t time for that.  I need to get the first border attached.

Framed Cross Stitch

 Yesterday I stopped at Catan’s and bought frames for a bunch of finished cross stitch.  Darth Vader only took me about 10 days (on and off) .  Hubby is taking it to work for his desk.  This was a very easy, quick stitch.

The heart piece was started many, many years ago.  I think it only took an afternoon to finish it up.  I may have started it right after my grandfather died, but that was back in 1998!

Blessed is the Piecemakers was finished last year and has been sitting on my sewing table waiting to be framed.

The Love Is piece is a free chart from DMC using color variations thread.  I couldn’t find a couple of them at the time, so I substituted other colors.  This one will go with all the other Love Is framed pieces in the hallway.  I still have 4 pieces left to frame, the Dream, Believe, Hope and Imagine ones.  I have 2 frames that will each hold 2 of the pieces.  Hope to get that done this weekend too and figure out where everything is going to be hung! I am hoping to start working on Galaga tonight while we watch tv.


Yesterday I worked on putting together the first border on the hexagon quilt. I’ll work on this on and off while I work on Galaga, I already have the thread for quilting, but the borders are going to take me awhile I think.

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend

Well, I added my link to the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend that is coming up this weekend.  I know we have some plans both Saturday and Sunday, but I know I’ll be able to stitch after Alex goes to bed and it’s time to relax.  I’ve made some more progress on Darth (no pictures, sorry) and I hope to finish him soon.  Not sure if I’ll start Galaga right away or work on the hexagon quilt for a little bit first.  We’ll have to see when I’m done with Darth Vader!

Talk to you soon!

Stitching Update

I posted an update last week of Darth Vader, I’ve done a lot more since!  I think a few more days and it will be completed.  I picked up the 2 colors I was missing and also the missing colors I need for Galaga.  I ordered black aida on ebay and received it last week.  It’s the next one in line, again for hubby.  Not sure why I’m doing so many projects for him, maybe because I love him?  I also found a new chart on ebay, a Monopoly board!!!  When finished it’ll be 24″ x 24″, the same size as a regular board.  I want to either frame it so we can use it or mount it under a glass table top so we can use it. That is in line after Galaga.  I can’t wait to start it!  

Darth Vader Update

I finished the first half of the chart last night and continued working on the border today.  The picture is from last night when I put everything away before bed.  It is going so fast!  I’m missing 2 colors that I hope to pick up tomorrow.  I think I’ll be able to finish the border this afternoon while Alex naps and then I can start working on the death star and then Vader himself.  Pretty sure I’ll have this done in less than a week, then I’ll just need a frame so hubby can take it to work.

Quilt Show

I got a message today about a quilt show in Pittsburgh this fall, details are below. Sounds like it’ll be a big show, wish I could go, but that weekend is Alex’s birthday and I’ll need to be at home.   I’ve been working on the Darth Vader cross stitch, sorry, no pictures yet!

I would like to know if you would post our quilt show information on your blog. The Beaver Valley Piecemakers is a 100 member guild north of Pittsburgh, PA Our 18th Annual Quilt Show is Oct 12th, 13th, and 14th. Our judge is a National Quilt Association judge. Here is the link to all the show’s information.
Thanks you,
Sheila Drevna

Another Cross Stitch Finish

I’ve put the hexagon quilt on hold for a little while.  I started working on the border and was causing some wrist pain while I was holding the pieces together for stitching.  So I’ve decided to work on some of my huge backlog of cross stitch projects.

I don’t even remember when I started this one, probably some time after my grandfather died in 1998.  I know how I’d like to frame it, with a heart shaped mat, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find one.  Getting one custom cut will most likely be expensive.  I’ll have to see what I find.  Next I’ve decided to work on one for my husband for his office at work.  It’s Darth Vader from Dork Stitch.  It looks like it will be a nice quick stitch.  Not 100% sure how much time I’ll have to work on it in the next few days, our favorite baker is coming to spend a couple of days with us.  We are hoping to go to the zoo while she’s here.

Hopefully I’ll have a new update soon!!