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In 2005 we were building a new house.  Since we were spending soooo much money on the house my husband and I decided not to get each other anything for Christmas.  However, I decided I wanted to make him a quilt for his office in the new house.  I embroidered blocks of different items that he likes or things that we liked to do together.  I went to at least 3 stores before I found the airplane fabric – my husband has his general pilots license.

In 2006, my mom wanted us to work together to make a quilt for my sister for her birthday.  Since she loves ladybugs we couldn’t help but make a lone star quilt out of ladybug fabrics!  Why a complicated quilt?  It wasn’t!  We used QuiltSmart Interfacing to make the star and it was so easy!  So easy that we also made a patriotic lone star for over my mantel!

I have more, but I’ll post them later!

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Old Stuff

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I have so many projects I’m working on that I don’t know what to post about first.  So I thought I’d post a few pictures of previous projects. 

The first picture is of a quilt I made for my husband’s grandmother – fondly called Meemaw.  I printed pictures of various family members on fabric and stitched them into this quilt.  Thank goodness I made it when I did, she only got to enjoy it’s warmth for a year before she was taken from us.


 The next 2 are pictures of quilts I made for my girlfriends girls.  They are simple in design, but it was a perfect pattern to showcase the novelty fabrics.


More to come later……need more posts for tomorrow 🙂


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Welcome to the new home of Kelly’s Kwilts!  The blog is specific to my quilting and crafting – not the same as our Graceland Happenings blog.  I always have some kind of a project in process – in fact, I currently have 5 WIP’s right now!  I’m still working to get everything setup the way I want, so the look of the site will change as time goes on.

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