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I haven’t had any more time to sew, but I figured I’d post about the new quilting site that’s coming. It’s going to be a bit like Ravelry for knitters in that everything is in one place! Fabric, patterns, projects, etc. I’ve only seen screenshots and I know they are working to resolve some issues they’ve been having, but I can’t wait to see this site in action! Oh wait! DUH! Helps if I give you the link right? You can get the story of SeamedUP here at their blog, but the site is at SeamedUP. I have a block in the sidebar if you want to contribute to the cause to defray the startup costs.

Can’t wait!!

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  1. Allison

    Hey Kelly! Thanks for writing about SeamedUP – it is really appreciated:)

  2. Thanks for your support of SeamedUP! We’d like to do a feature about you on our blog. Here’s what we need to do that:

    A paragraph describing your blog, or something you want to highlight about your blog

    A few photos that you’d like us to include.

    It’s that simple!

    Just send your content back to me at and I’ll add you to our blog.

    Thanks again,

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