Sewing Update

Well, I really wanted to keep working on the Quilt Show 2010 BOM, but I decided I needed to spend the time yesterday working on some terry cloth bibs and burp cloths for my son. I had bought white and pink terry cloth a few years ago intending to make bibs for my cousin’s baby. At the time I was going through a miscarriage and just couldn’t make anything baby related. So these 2 yards of terry cloth have just been sitting. We have now gone through all the small bibs that we were given because my wonderful son just got too big and drools so much they just don’t hold it all! And I’m still trying to understand why companies make burp cloths that don’t cover your shoulder all the way, because this kid loves to spit up on mommy!

I’ve made 2 bibs so far, and I have enough white left to make at least 4-5 more when I get time. I used up all the pink for burp cloths since my husband doesn’t mind if Alex spits up on pink, he’s just not allowed to wear it! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of my own sewing done soon!!

Bibs and burp cloths