Quilting Stencils

Final selections
Final Selections
Quilting Stencils
Quilting Stencils

Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about what to use on the ribbon table runner for quilting.  So I started looking through my stencils and my Quilting Designs software by Electric Quilt.  I found a couple of stencils that would work for the large areas, but not for the 4″ square sections.  So I started looking through the software.  I have 7 of the 8 volumes of stencils, I think I have the books for 5 of those.  I found a few that I think will work.  So I got a few pictures so I can ponder it while I finish the table topper I’m working on.  What do you think about my selections?  Now I’ll need to figure out the best way of marking the ones I’ve printed out on the runner!


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Design Wall Monday – 2/18/13

Hexagon Diamonds 2-18-13Manged to get another row completed in the last week.  I’m really liking how this looks.  I’ve picked the next 5 diamonds for the next row and will be starting them this evening. I was wondering how I was going to be able to get a decent picture since this is getting so big.  Usually I stand on a chair and hold the camera (or phone) as high as I can to take the picture.  Lucky me, hubby decided that I could get a new phone and we picked up iPhone 5’s yesterday.  The new panorama feature on the camera is so cool!  Took me a few tries to get a good picture, only because Alex wanted to play on the quilt since it was on the floor.  Hoping to get the next row completed in a week just because I want to get this done so badly.  I want to see the whole thing done and quilt it.  I know exactly how I’ll quilt it on the machine.

Hand Quilted 2-18-13In between working on the diamonds and sewing in my office I’ve been working on my hand quilting.  I now have the entire center of this completed and I need to move the hoop to work on another section.  It’s not a big quilt and I’ll use it as a table topper somewhere when it’s completed.  I am thinking about doing another test piece before I start working on the first hexagon quilt, just so I can work on the rocking motion some more.  I have a table runner using my favorite equinox fabrics I made back in 2008 that I still haven’t quilted.  So I’m thinking of hand quilting it and doing cables or something in the ribbons.  I have some time to figure out exactly what I’ll do, but I have pulled the runner out of the closet so I can start thinking about it.  I think I even have some equinox sitting here I can use for the back!

Back soon with more finishes!  This is linked to Design Wall Monday at patchworktimes.com

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