Goodbye 2020!

Ugh, I was so hoping to get more quilting done this year! We had all this time at home and I could have done so much. However, I did have an absolutely wonderful year for my business and had lots of time spent with the hubby and kids.

I have started hand quilting my first hexagon quilt, it’s slow going because I have so many hand projects that I rotate through. I’ve only been working in the white areas, because I haven’t decided what thread I want to use in the hexie flowers yet. I figure there’s a lot of white and I can decide the other color(s) later. You should be able to see the detail if you click on the pictures. My stitches aren’t 100% uniform, but I’m getting the hang of it and as it’s not going in a show/contest I don’t care. It’s mine and it’s been 100% stitched by hand. I don’t think I’m going to put a regular binding on it either, I’m thinking of doing a knife edge to it – I think I’ll need to do the edges before I quilt that last border though.

In October I started working on the pentagon project. It’s changed a few times since I decided what I wanted to do with it, so now I have 4 pentagons with a square in the middle appliqued to a background. I’ve gotten enough done that I put together the first row, used a ton of 1.5″ squares from the bin, and there’s a lot more that will be used by the time I’m done with this top. I’m working on putting the sashing together while I put together bow-tie blocks and the 9-patches I need for the border on that quilt. It’s all pretty mindless sewing when I need it.

As if I didn’t have enough hand projects, I pulled out some cross stitch and started working on that again. This is a piece for Alex and I have one I want to make for Cassie as well as one I want to make for 2 special teachers the kids have had. I have a bunch of Star Wars ones to make for Alex and at some point they’ll get done. In the past I’ve done all my cross stitch with paper patterns, but lately I’ve wanted to do it with an ipad. The app that I really want to use isn’t available for ios yet, and the android tablets we have are WAY to old for it to work. So I found a pdf app that will allow me to annotate the file and we’ll see how that works. I just got it updated last night but didn’t have time to try and see how well it works, might try that tonight.

Kids are off until next Monday (1/4), and I’m hoping to get some time to work on quilting. I got everything ready yesterday, because I intended on starting the quilting until I realized I may have inadvertently tossed my quilting gloves! I ordered a new pair yesterday, but who knows how long it will take for them to get to me. I’ll have to start quilting without them I guess and hope I have enough black thread to last until the new spool gets here with the gloves. I know I won’t be able to finish it before the end of the year, but I’d still like to start working on it and maybe start the new year with a finish.

Here’s hoping that 2021 is a better year for everyone and that I finish some projects in the new year!

Finish #1 for 2020

Yeah I know I already posted a finish in February, but I actually finished this one the end of January/beginning of February and took it for Show and Tell at Guild in February. Back in 2013, I posted that someone from guild came over and taught me how to hand quilt. Well I started working on a practice piece and it got put away in a basket and forgotten about, you know how these things happen! So I was looking for something else and found the practice quilt with all the 1/4″ tape all falling off of it. So I took it out of the hoop (to be returned to Sue finally!), pulled all the 1/4″ tape off and just started working on it. Took a few nights and a few poked fingers, but I got it done and found some already made rainbow/scrap binding that I could use on it. It’s not perfect, nothing I ever make is, but it’s done and I hand quilted it all by myself! Now the first hexagon quilt I made is basted and once I get a hexie project finished I will start hand quilting it. Besides I need to figure out how I want to quilt it still!

February Finishes

I did manage to finish the 2 tasks I wanted to finish this month, I got the doll quilt completely finished AND I completed a block for my Harry Potter quilt. Cassie is thrilled with her new doll quilt, she immediately took it and put it on one of her doll beds. I just did simple loopy quilting in the triangles, I still need to work on my speed with curves, there’s some eyelashing on the back, but Cassie’s doll won’t care!

I picked an easy block from my Harry Potter quilt to do, the Deathly Hallows. With this block done I now only have 13 left to do! I might see if I can get another one done today, we’ll see since we have some rearranging to do in Cassie’s room today.

I was hoping to get my first hexagon quilt basted earlier in the month, and I wasn’t able to do that then, however I was able to start working on it today! i should be able to get it finished tonight while I watch some basketball. This will be hand quilted this year!

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts.

January Finishes

January goal: Baste 2 quilts. Shouldn’t be too hard right? Well it wasn’t! Granted one of them was quite small, I still got it done! The small one is going to be a baby doll blanket for Cassie. Just need to figure out how I want to quilt it. Then I picked out a large quilt to baste. Found just the right color backing and basted my 2013 quilt guild challenge quilt! I need to get some Aurifil thread in the right aqua/blue color before I can quilt it, but I’m not sure how I want to quilt it yet anyway. The board basting was easier than I thought it would be, it took me an afternoon when Alex was sick to get it basted. Can’t wait to start quilting it!

Like I said Alex was sick for 3 days last week, then of course this week I get it! So I haven’t had time – or felt like even working – on quilting anything yet. I do have another quilt that is on my UFO list to get a binding on, that will be another post when it’s finished. ūüôā I did pull out another top to baste, but since I was sick it didn’t get anywhere. I want to start hand quilting my first hexagon quilt, just need to pick out a backing first!

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts and will have to start thinking about next months goal!

Hand Quilting and More Shopping

2013-05-27 16.38.11So one of the days last weekend while Alex was napping and the hubby was spending time with his friend I decided to watch some TV and work on my hand quilting. ¬†I had mentioned earlier in the month that I bought some 1/4″ tape for hand quilting. ¬†Oh my do I like it! ¬†I still need to work on keeping close to the tape and not¬†veering¬†off. ¬†It is SO much easier than drawing all the lines. ¬†I really would like to finish this before I start working on my hexagon quilt, but I am willing to set this aside to start working on the other one. ¬†Mainly because I put it on my list for the guild quilt show in October, so I need to get working on it!!!

2013-05-31 11.20.57I went to Anna’s this week and got almost all of the fat quarters I need for the fat quarter exchange. ¬†I need to get 1 more still, and it’s hard because not everyone has music themed fat quarters! ¬†There’s 1 shop close to the house that I can check, but I really don’t like shopping there because of how they make customers feel. ¬†I’ve talked with others that have the same opinion of them. ¬†No, I will not mention the name of the shop, everyone should make their own decisions!

Gotta run time to clean up toys so I can spend the evening working on hexagons after Alex goes to bed!

Design Wall Monday – May 13, 2013

2013-05-13 11.41.48Well I managed to get 2 more diamonds completed the last few days.  I finished the blue one during the guild meeting Tuesday and the pink one last night after we got home from camping.  Two more diamonds and I can put the next row together.  Unfortunately I need to put this aside for a little while so I can finish a cross stitch piece that is a present.  I had started 2 pieces for my cousins twin for Christmas and just ran out of time to complete them.  I have 1 more part to finish on the second piece and then I can put them both together.

I passed out the challenge fabric for the block exchange at our guild meeting last week, and now I need to figure out what my 2 blocks are going to be. ¬†I can’t get additional fabrics until I pick my blocks though. ¬†I also need to go shopping to get some fat quarters for the fat quarter exchange. ¬†They are due at our June meeting, so I need to get busy!

I am planning on going to Joann’s tomorrow to get some batting so I can finish some quilts. ¬†I’d like to work on the red, white and blue quilt for donation at guild. ¬†I also want to get my first hexagon quilt ready to be hand quilted. ¬†I’ve committed to putting it in our quilt show in October, so I need to get started working on it! ¬†I’ll finish the test piece once the hexagon one is done.

We had a speaker at guild last week that owns a quilt shop, Quilts & Sew Forth. ¬†Of course they brought products to sell. ¬†I don’t usually find anything that I want to buy, but I saw that they had a charm pack of Fossil Fern. ¬†100 charms for $27!! ¬†I could not pass up that deal!!! ¬†Don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but it’s sitting here and ready to use for something!

Design Wall Monday – 04-15-13

2013-04-13 16.18.49I have decided to work on my hand quilting practice piece for awhile this past weekend in an effort to finish it and get my first hexagon quilt basted and in the hoop. ¬†I’d like to have it ready to go before we start camping so I can work on it while we are gone. ¬†If I can get the hexagon quilt completed this summer I can enter it into our guild quilt show in October! ¬†I’ve been expirimenting with different marking pencils/markers and I think I like the disappearing ones best. ¬†I don’t think I like all the chalk ones, hopefully they will come out of this since I started this using them.

I spent yesterday working on my Wiggly Whimsy quilt and I got all the rows put together. ¬†I’m not posting a picture of it yet because I need to take part of it apart and resew it because I somehow managed to mess it up last night. ¬†Hoping to get that taken apart tonight and put it back together tomorrow while Alex naps. ¬†I really like how it looks and I’ve decided to finish it for Alex to use in his bed. ¬†He’s starting to like sleeping with a blanket and he has to have one from momma!

2013-04-13 14.17.39I also finished up the last 2 diamonds I need for the next row in my hexagon diamonds quilt. ¬†Hope to start putting them on in the next few days. ¬†I’ve already pulled the baggies for the next row, so I have those to work on as well – prepping them to be sewn together. ¬†I am beginning to think I was overly ambitious in wanting this quilt completed for our first camping trip. ¬†So when I was out buying things we needed I found a nice blanket for our bed until I can get it completed. I can work on it while we are camping.

While I was putting the Wiggly Whimsy quilt together yesterday I was also working on the scrappy 9 patch quilt and putting the 4 patches together for the border. ¬†Since that is a long term project and I’m in no hurry I don’t mind using it as a leader/ender project. ¬†Of course while reading blog posts yesterday I saw a quilt on one of them that was all 9 patch blocks and solid squares set on point. ¬†I spent a few minutes designing it in EQ and thinking about how I could do it with the fabrics I have. ¬†It would look really cool as a 2 color quilt, but would also look nice scrappy. ¬†I just have way too many ideas in my head! ¬†I was perusing Pinterest today and saw directions on how to do a disappearing 4 patch block. ¬†Oh did that look cool! ¬†I have a ton of 4.5″ charms I cut from scraps with the value die on my Go that I could use to do this. ¬†Maybe with black squares and scrappy squares? ¬†I’ll have to see if I can figure out the best way to design it in EQ and play around with colors.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with pictures of a completed Wiggly Whimsy top!

Quilting Stencils

Final selections
Final Selections

Quilting Stencils
Quilting Stencils

Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about what to use on the ribbon table runner for quilting. ¬†So I started looking through my stencils and my Quilting Designs software by Electric Quilt. ¬†I found a couple of stencils that would work for the large areas, but not for the 4″ square sections. ¬†So I started looking through the software. ¬†I have 7 of the 8 volumes of stencils, I think I have the books for 5 of those. ¬†I found a few that I think will work. ¬†So I got a few pictures so I can ponder it while I finish the table topper I’m working on. ¬†What do you think about my selections? ¬†Now I’ll need to figure out the best way of marking the ones I’ve printed out on the runner!


Design Wall Monday – 2/18/13

Hexagon Diamonds 2-18-13Manged to get another row completed in the last week. ¬†I’m really liking how this looks. ¬†I’ve picked the next 5 diamonds for the next row and will be starting them this evening. I was wondering how I was going to be able to get a decent picture since this is getting so big. ¬†Usually I stand on a chair and hold the camera (or phone) as high as I can to take the picture. ¬†Lucky me, hubby decided that I could get a new phone and we picked up iPhone 5’s yesterday. ¬†The new panorama feature on the camera is so cool! ¬†Took me a few tries to get a good picture, only because Alex wanted to play on the quilt since it was on the floor. ¬†Hoping to get the next row completed in a week just because I want to get this done so badly. ¬†I want to see the whole thing done and quilt it. ¬†I know exactly how I’ll quilt it on the machine.

Hand Quilted 2-18-13In between working on the diamonds and sewing in my office I’ve been working on my hand quilting. ¬†I now have the entire center of this completed and I need to move the hoop to work on another section. ¬†It’s not a big quilt and I’ll use it as a table topper somewhere when it’s completed. ¬†I am thinking about doing another test piece before I start working on the first hexagon quilt, just so I can work on the rocking motion some more. ¬†I have a table runner using my favorite equinox fabrics I made back in 2008 that I still haven’t quilted. ¬†So I’m thinking of hand quilting it and doing cables or something in the ribbons. ¬†I have some time to figure out exactly what I’ll do, but I have pulled the runner out of the closet so I can start thinking about it. ¬†I think I even have some equinox sitting here I can use for the back!

Back soon with more finishes!  This is linked to Design Wall Monday at

Hexagon Diamonds Update

Hexagon Diamonds 21313 I only have 1 more diamond to put together and I’ll be able to attach the next row to the main body of the quilt. ¬†I might pick a different half diamond though since it is using the same fabric as one of the diamonds. ¬†They are all ready, just need the 5 black pieces added on and those are fairly easy.

Tshirts Spent the afternoon working on tshirts for my sister’s preschool. ¬†I do the shirts for the staff. ¬†They added 3 colors this time, the lime, orange and hot pink – the others are their usual colors. ¬†As long as I have them finished by Saturday I’m golden, my sister will be coming over and I can send them with her. ¬†Otherwise Alex and I will just have to take a trip out to see Aunt Kimmie!

I’m such a bonehead! ¬†Last night I was working on my hand quilting and bent a needle. So at bedtime I went in my office and was looking for the tub where I have an old mint container where I toss all my broken/bent needles/pins, old rotary blades, etc. ¬†As I’m rooting around for the container my finger hit the rotary cutter with a pinking blade. ¬†It’s not too bad of a cut, just a funky shape because of the pinking blade. ¬†I need to put that thing somewhere else! ¬†I’m also getting another mint container from the hubby, to keep with my hand work in the living room. ¬†Very happy with the way the hand quilting is coming, I need to start thinking about what backing to use for my hexagon quilt¬†so I can get it basted and ready to put in the hoop. ¬†I think I need to buy some batting too, need to see if I have anything large enough. ¬†I have a packaged one, that was supposed to be for our flannel bed quilt, but now I’m thinking that since that one is all flannel (even the backing!) that I don’t want any batting in it. ¬†I think we’ll be warm enough without it. ¬†So I’ll be able to use that batting for the hexagon diamonds or the hexagon quilt, it will work with either but probably be better for hexagon diamonds since the batting is king sized and hexi diamonds is going to be queen sized. ¬†Oh heck, I’ll just get some batting at Joann’s for the hexagon quilt, now that decision is made I just need to figure out a backing!

Guild meeting is tomorrow night, can’t wait to show off my first hand quilting piece!!!