Hand Quilting and More Shopping

2013-05-27 16.38.11So one of the days last weekend while Alex was napping and the hubby was spending time with his friend I decided to watch some TV and work on my hand quilting.  I had mentioned earlier in the month that I bought some 1/4″ tape for hand quilting.  Oh my do I like it!  I still need to work on keeping close to the tape and not veering off.  It is SO much easier than drawing all the lines.  I really would like to finish this before I start working on my hexagon quilt, but I am willing to set this aside to start working on the other one.  Mainly because I put it on my list for the guild quilt show in October, so I need to get working on it!!!

2013-05-31 11.20.57I went to Anna’s this week and got almost all of the fat quarters I need for the fat quarter exchange.  I need to get 1 more still, and it’s hard because not everyone has music themed fat quarters!  There’s 1 shop close to the house that I can check, but I really don’t like shopping there because of how they make customers feel.  I’ve talked with others that have the same opinion of them.  No, I will not mention the name of the shop, everyone should make their own decisions!

Gotta run time to clean up toys so I can spend the evening working on hexagons after Alex goes to bed!

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Diamond Hexagon Quilt Update

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2013-05-24 22.32.31So I’ve been working to try and get the next row of diamonds finished so I can add them to the main piece.  I managed to finish the last one in the row today while Alex napped.  I’m planning on starting to add them on tonight while we watch tv.  2013-05-31 15.47.09 The hubby had one of his friends from California come to town over the weekend and I got the 2 half diamonds put together for the next row. Hoping to add those on as well. 2013-05-31 11.19.31 I love how this quilt is coming along and can’t wait to see it all put together!  I need to get a lot more black squares cut out so I can work on more diamonds, plus I need black for filling in at the top and bottom.

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