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Design Wall Monday

2013-06-21 08.25.53 2013-06-23 15.19.31Well I was able to get 2 diamonds finished this week. I have my baggies ready for the next 3, and need to get working on basting them and putting the diamond together.  I was going to work on hand quilting my first hexagon quilt so I could put it in the guild quilt show, but with everything going on this summer, I know I just don’t have the time.  I’d rather concentrate on finishing hexagon diamonds and get it quilted for the show.  I took a break yesterday though and decided to do something different.  I pulled out my Cleveland Cavaliers cross stitch piece and worked on it for awhile.  I haven’t worked on it since January, but it was quite easy to pick it back up and work on it.  There’s a total of 15 pages and I had finished 1 in January.  So I started working on page 7, there’s a lot of solid color so I figured it’d be easy!  So when I need a break from the hexagons, I’ll work on my cross stitch.  Hope to have more diamonds finished this week so I can put it all together this weekend.2013-06-23 22.49.54
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  1. Linda

    Love your quilt!!! And especially the black background. I’ve fallen head over heels for hexies and I’m now in the early process of basting. Haven’t settled on a pattern for sure but I’m pretty sure I’m going with diamonds like you have. I have a long long way to go and your quilt inspires me to keep going.

  2. Dar in MO

    Love what you are making with hexies. I recently got a hexie book that makes them with no paper, glue or basting. Am anxious to try this new method. Can’t wait to see your quilt all put together. Great colors too.

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