Summer Quilts

Well, I’ve gotten Summer Quilts back from the framer, and it looks just as good as the Spring Quilts does!  I’m already about halfway done with the Autumn Quilts….it’s a lot of work, but I’m getting through them pretty quickly!

Summer Quilts

Went shopping with mom today – only 2 quilt shops and I spent a lot of money!  Bought the fusible interfacing to make Lone Star Quilts, a pattern for some cute table topper/placemats, border on a roll for quilting that I’ve been wanting to try and a bunch of fabric!  Most of it is half yards of Moda Marbles, and the leaves might just be something for mom 🙂

7-11 Shopping   7-11 Shopping

I received the Peppermint Cottage fabric from Fat Quarter Shop, it looks awesome!  Can’t wait to start working on that wallhanging.  Hopefully I’ll actually have something quilt related that I can post in the next few days, I have so many in my head and I think I might just have some time in the next few weeks to make them!

Spring Quilts Update

Well I got Spring Quilts back from the framer.  It looks great!  I wasn’t happy with the price for framing, but it was worth it for how good it looks.  I finished Summer Quilts yesterday, mom has it to wash and then I’ll see about getting that one framed.  I was originally going to put each one on the wall in the appropriate season, but now I’m wondering if I should just hang them all together.  We’ll see when I get Summer back from the framer.  I hope to start Autumn in the next week or so. 

Spring Quilts

I just ordered some fabric for the Xmas wallhanging I’m doing.  I have 8 Xmas cross stitch pictures done – 9th will be started today.  They are all fairly small less than 5 inches square and I’m putting them together into a wallhanging.  I ordered some of the Peppermint Cottage line from Moda from Fat Quarter Shop so that I can start working on it.  I know, it’s early to start something Christmasy, but if I don’t do it now, it won’t be done for Christmas decorating!

What’s new?

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I was busy from the end of March until the beginning of May working on a quilt for the boss at work.  She celebrated 25 years at the company, and in planning the party we decided that I’d make a quilt with areas for everyone to sign.  I think I planned a little too well, as the quilt was huge!!!  Took me a week to quilt it on my Janome and then took 2 days to hand stitch the binding on.  She loved it though!

Full Sized

Quilt laying on the table with signatures

Signing Diane's quilt

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on cross stitch projects.  With working on this quilt for the last couple of months I didn’t want to work on any other quilting projects, so instead I’ve been working on cross stitch quilts 🙂  I found a series of 5 quilts – one for each season plus a holiday one – and ordered the magazines that had the patterns in them.  I have Spring finished, it’s just not framed yet but will be soon.  I’m currently working on Summer and I’m probably 50% done with that one.  It’s nice to be able to sit on the couch and watch tv or movies with the hubby but still be working on a project.  And I have so many cross stitch projects to do!

Hmmmm….I guess that’s about it….I need to get some things made today for the cookout we are having for Memorial Day…..Until next time!

What’s New?

I know, I know, it’s been a long time.  I did finish the quilt for Michael in a record 3 days.  However it’s technically not really finished since the buttons and pins aren’t attached yet.  He wants to take Peepaw “flying” with him.  So after he goes flying again I’ll be able to sew all those buttons and pins to the quilt top.  I’ll take a picture when that’s completed.

I just finished making 2 bags that the quilt club ladies taught us to make.  A few issues with the lining, but who’s going to see it? 🙂


I went to my first quilt guild meeting this week, and became a member of the Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  I’m trying to get mom to go with me next month, but the meetings don’t start until 7 pm, so it’s a little late by the time the meeting is over and she has a 30 minute drive home from my house.  We’ll see if I can talk her into it!

The best news is I got to re-arrange my office!  Michael put cabinets up in his office and I decided I really could use some too.  So the first weekend, when he got the majority of his cabinets, mom and I re-arranged my office the way I wanted it.  Moved the sewing table, cutting table and the embroidery machine (now it can be hooked up directly to the computer!).  Mom took some of my equinox fabric and made valances for the windows.  I now have all my fabric in one cabinet and all my embroidery supplies in another – it’s so nice having it all organized and not in the messy closet!

Sewing table    

Sewing table with my Janome 6500.  Custom made table by my dad, opens up to 6′ x 6′.

Computer and embroidery machine     

Desk and Embroidery Machine (Brother Pr600)

Cutting station and storage       

Cutting Station and storage on wheels – plastic containers are in the white cubes – nice for all fabric, patterns, etc of a project.  Everything in one place!


Cabinets are above cutting station and storage



Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery supplies

Peepaw’s Quilt

Ok, I finally decided what to work on next!  My mother-in-law gave my husband some pins and buttons from her father’s Marine Corp uniform at Xmas.  We were thinking shadow box for them, but then I thought “I can make a wallhanging quilt with pictures and then we can attach all the pins and buttons.”  Well, the quilt top is now done and I’m getting ready to start pinning and quilting it.  If I’m lucky I’ll get it quilted today since it’s not that big and be able to do the binding later tonight!  Pics will come when it’s finished!

Winding Ways

It’s done!  I was actually able to work on some of it yesterday while my mom worked on finishing her placemats (Xmas present in 2007 that never got finished).  I just had to finish attaching the rows this morning.  Some spots don’t look too good, but ya know what?  It doesn’t matter to me.  It’s not going to be entered in a show and it’s meant to be used – so who cares if some of the seams don’t match?  Now to decide what to work on next!

 Winding Ways

Placemats and Winding Ways

Ok, the placemats are finally finished.  Took about 3 weeks of cutting and sewing and then a couple of days of hand work to get the binding sewn on.  I know, I could sew the binding on by machine and be done that much faster, but there’s just something I love about sitting on the couch and watching a movie or TV show and doing hand work.  Especially if I’m watching shows with my husband!  There’s only 4 in the picture because I don’t have the leaf on the table – we had to take it in when we ordered the additional one. 


The last few days I’ve been working to get my winding ways kit completed (I talked about it here).  I had started it by hand and decided that with all the bulk I wanted to finish it by machine.  I’ve finished piecing all the blocks and just need to stitch the rows together.  Hopefully that will be done tomorrow – my mom is coming over today and I need to get her to finish at least one of her projects!

Love is Wallhanging

Well I did finish the Love is Wallhanging this week, Wednesday night to be exact.  I couldn’t get it hung until the weekend because we needed to take the mirror off the back of my dresser in order to be able to hang the quilt.  It looks pretty good on the shelf – which I bought in Amish Country in November.

Love is Wallhanging    Love is Wallhanging - close view

This weekend I’m working on some placemats for the dining room table.  I’m hoping to get 6 out of the fabric I have, but I’m not sure if I’ll get that many.  It’s a simple rail fence pattern using 4 greens of Equinox by Blank Textiles.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern!  I have so many colors of it and I’d love to buy more, but not that many places sell it anymore.  If anyone knows where I can get some, let me know!

Well back to work, hope to finish these tops today.


Quilting Update

Well I just finished quilting the Love Is Wallhanging and sewing the binding to the front. I’m going to go and relax by a fire and hand stitch the binding to the back and watch some tv – maybe Series 2 of The Quilt Show that I have on DVD.  I’ll take a picture once the binding is done and it’s hanging on the wall.

Table Runner

Well that certainly didn’t take long, but then I didn’t think it would.  Since the blocks were already cut out all I had to do was chain piece them together and put a border on it.  I think it will look nice on the dining room table this 4th of July….if it’s quilted by then!   Tomorrow is working on the quilting of the Love Is Wallhanging…’s not that big, so hopefully I can get it quilted and bound this week.  Then it can get hung in the bedroom.

Patriotic Table Runner