Placemats and Winding Ways

Ok, the placemats are finally finished.  Took about 3 weeks of cutting and sewing and then a couple of days of hand work to get the binding sewn on.  I know, I could sew the binding on by machine and be done that much faster, but there’s just something I love about sitting on the couch and watching a movie or TV show and doing hand work.  Especially if I’m watching shows with my husband!  There’s only 4 in the picture because I don’t have the leaf on the table – we had to take it in when we ordered the additional one.


The last few days I’ve been working to get my winding ways kit completed (I talked about it here).  I had started it by hand and decided that with all the bulk I wanted to finish it by machine.  I’ve finished piecing all the blocks and just need to stitch the rows together.  Hopefully that will be done tomorrow – my mom is coming over today and I need to get her to finish at least one of her projects!