Dear Jane Quilt

I have FINALLY started my Dear Jane quilt! I’ve been getting the fabric monthly since the beginning of the year – and just haven’t felt like working on it. Partly because I’m not sure they are sending enough fabric – or I just haven’t figured out the right way to cut it out yet! So I’m going to find all the easy blocks and do those first, then I’ll start working on the harder ones. Most people seem to be hand piecing them. I don’t have the patience for that – I’ll do mine by machine – at least as many as I can. There is a link to the right to see my progress – I found this template on the Dear Jane site, it will show each of my blocks in it’s correct position as I get them done. It also shows at the top of the page how many blocks, triangles, kites (the corners) and total number of pieces. There are 169 squares, 52 triangles, 4 kites and 5,602 pieces in this quilt. We’ll see how long it takes! 🙂 Here’s the 3 I have finished so far!