Tumbler Quilt

Well it only took me a couple of hours in front of the tv last night to cut out all the tumbler pieces. It was pretty easy! I just lined up the 5″ mark with the edge of the strip and it cut it to 2.5″ across the bottom of the piece. When it’s all put together it will be a finished 2″ tumbler. I found that EQ doesn’t calculate the way I thought it did. When I originally designed it, I was basing it on the yardage. Well, that wasn’t quite correct. I got a lot more blocks out of the strips that I thought I would since every time I cut it was the side of the next block. I had almost NO waste! I just redesigned it to match the number of blocks I have and the center layout is now 39″ x 52″. Now that I’ve finished lunch, I can start working on putting the blocks together!!!!!