Finish #2!

I finished another one of my table runners! It’s the patriotic one that was charm squares my husband got me on one of his trips. I miss his trips, I don’t get fabric gifts anymore 🙂 But at least now I have 2 items finished from my PhD list.

Well, I’ve been an idiot for the last year or so when it comes to my quilting frame. I had bought a Mini-Pinni frame and bought the stitch regulator that works for my sewing machine. I was having lots of problems getting it to work properly and I just gave up working on it since I was so frustrated. Now that I have so many tops finished I’d like to get quilted, I decided to try again. Again, it wasn’t working right and I got frustrated. But I started looking at the manual for the stitch regulator. Everything looked setup right, but when I asked the hubby if he remembered changing the jumpers for my machine, he couldn’t remember. Sure enough that was the problem! Once he fixed the jumpers it started working right! The tension is looking good and I’ve been practicing on some muslin. Yesterday we went and bought a laser pen at Staples so I can try doing pantographs from the back of the machine. If my test works out well, I’ll start quilting one of my tops that needs done!

Since my machine is upstairs on the frame, I can’t work on the Quilt Show BOM yet. I printed out the instructions today, I have to pull the fabrics that I’m going to use with it.

It’s been snowing a lot lately, so much that we now have 20 inches on our deck! Some of that is from drifting, but not all of it! Please Spring, come soon!!!!!!