Another Dear Jane Update

I’ve been working on Dear Jane blocks during basketball games – both my team (Cleveland Cavs) and my husbands team (Miami Heat) are in the playoffs, so we have a lot of games to watch! I’m getting a lot better at the applique I think, I keep prepping them to work on during games. I’ve now completed 59 blocks and 2 triangles and I have at least 4 more in-process. I probably won’t get back to working on them until toward the end of the week, Dr appt this week and a funeral to attend (friends dad died over the weekend).

Dear Jane Update!

I finally got to work on Dear Jane blocks again! I’ve completed 6 blocks today and I’m going to get to work on prepping some applique blocks. Since the basketball playoffs have started I have time to sit and work on the applique. I’ve now completed 54 blocks and 2 triangles and I just want to keep moving on them.

April Blocks

Well I got this month’s blocks completed on time. I’m liking the colors and how they work together, I can’t wait to start putting it together into a quilt! This is going to be quite large when it’s complete! Hoping to work on some Dear Jane blocks in the next week or so.

April Blocks

Dear Jane Update

Somehow I’ve managed to get a few Dear Jane blocks done since the last update. I realized when working on one of the triangles that I screwed the first one up – I didn’t check the size when I printed the instructions! So I’ll have to redo that one, but I’ve completed 2 of the applique ones. I’m definitely getting better at applique!

March Blocks

I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing the in last month, haven’t been feeling all that well. The baby hasn’t been treating momma very well 🙂 I know it’s now April, but I finally got the blocks completed now that I’m starting to feel better during the day. Once I get some ink for my printer I can work on the April blocks – hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to get them done in the correct month!