New Finishes

I’ve been working on lots of different projects at the same time. I’ve quilted the batik lap quilt but still need to do some finish work on it before it’s considered complete. I took a day and completed the Ryan McKenna Love block that I’ve had sitting here for at least a year if not more. And I’ve been working on a quilt for the baby shower that will have enough blocks for everyone to write something to the baby. I’m not planning on quilting it until after the shower, it’s easier to write on the blocks if there is no batting in the way. Learned that after the quilt I made for Diane last year. I’m trying hard to get as many quilts completed before the baby is born that I can, I doubt I’ll have time to work on anything after he’s born 🙂 I officially have 5 out of 15 items from my PhD list completed. I’m hoping to get quite a few more done, especially since most of them just need to be quilted!

Yesterday I received the fabric I ordered from ebay to finish the tumbler quilt. I think Kimmie wants it and I’m planning on using the pantograph I have for the quilt frame to quilt it. This one wasn’t on my PhD list, but it’s another finish!