Happy New Year & Dear Jane

I hoping that I will be able to start posting more in 2011 – at least I’m going to make an effort to try! 🙂 This year has ended on such a happy note for our family and I can’t remember what life was like without Alex in our lives.

I’ve been able to work on applique at night this week after he’s gone to bed and finished 2 blocks. AND I was able to prep a few more and complete a pieced one today. Lucky me, I got to end 2010 with some sewing! The applique isn’t perfect on these blocks, but I think they look ok and I’m not redoing them! With the one I completed today I’m now happy to say that I’ve completed 75 of the 169 blocks needed. I need to get to work on the triangles too!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new years!

Dear Jane Update

I have finally been able to work on some of my applique blocks after the baby is put to bed at night. I’ll need to prep some more so I can keep working on them! I’ve been toying with piecing blocks by hand just so I can get them done, since I don’t have time to sit at my machine these days. My only free time seems to be when he’s napping and he isn’t always consistent with the length of his naps! I think I’m getting better with my applique, I still need to work on the turning points though, some of them are a little messy. I’ve now completed 72 blocks and 5 triangles, I’m making slow progress! I know this is supposed to be a quilty blog, but I just can’t help posting pictures of my handsome son once in awhile! 🙂