It’s done!!!

Well, I finished galaga last night, practically falling asleep as I took the final stitches.  It looks pretty good, just need to decide what kind of frame to get for it and give it a quick wash.  Started it on May 19th and finished June 24th, just over a month to do, with some breaks when I decided to finish up the hexagon quilt.  Now I need to decide what the next cross stitch project is going to be, I’m thinking maybe of finishing up my Love Is flowers.  I already know what kind of frame that is going in, I think it’ll fit in a long frame with 3 4×6″ spots in the matting.  I don’t think it took me long to do the other 2, so this might be off my list pretty quick.

As I was putting away all the equinox fabric last week I found a plastic bag with a zipper that was full of scraps.  All kinds of odds and ends from previous projects.  I spent a day and ironed everything and got it cut into the 2.5″ squares so it’s ready to use.  I also found the remainder of the 6″ novelty prints that I bought years ago to do Georgia’s quilt.  So yesterday I decided I wanted to make an I spy quilt for Alex.  Designed it up and started working on it.  The 4 patches all use my 2.5″ squares and they are all put together.  I have the center sitting on the cutting table waiting to be sewn together.  I still have to iron all the 4 patches for the border, but that won’t take long.  I’m hoping to get most of this put together this afternoon while Alex naps.  It’s not that big of a quilt, 36″ x 36″, so it should quilt fairly quickly.  I want to put it on the frame and meander – maybe take an afternoon to quilt? We’ll have to see.