Christmas Presents

I can finally post about the Christmas presents I made this year!  Unfortunately I am missing a picture of the table runner I made my mom, I’ll have to get one next time I’m over their house.  I had bought a charm pack years ago (don’t even remember how long ago it was) when we were shopping and the colors were perfect for her living room.  It sat here for a long time because I couldn’t decide what pattern to use.  I was going to use my small tumbler die to make it, but I wasn’t going to have enough charms to make it big enough and of course it is now discontinued.  Once I found out the dimensions of her table (thanks to a call to dad) I designed it in EQ to be 9 squares across and 4 rows.  I just needed a little extra on the sides.  After a few web searches I found a shop in Ohio that had yardage of one of the fabrics in the pack.  I ordered enough to use for the pieces on the front, the backing and the binding.  It only took me a couple of days to get it all done and she loves it.

Kimmie's Quilt

I decided I needed to finish the tumbler quilt for Kimmie for Christmas.  I had bought 2 of the coordinating fabrics on ebay in 2010 and put the borders on, it just needed to be quilted.  The plan was to do it on the frame, but I have a problem with tension on the back that I just didn’t have time to figure out so I used the frame to pin it and then quilted it on my machine in my office.  Took me a couple of days to get it quilted, thank goodness for grandparents taking Alex!  It allowed me to spend more time working on it. Got the binding sewed on by hand in just 2 days, even took it to my parents to work on it when my great aunt came to town.  Kimmie loves it and was super excited when she opened it.  She’s only been waiting for 2 years to get it!  I forgot to get a picture before I wrapped it or when she opened it, but she posted one on Facebook that I grabbed until I can take a better one.

I started working on some cross stitch pictures for my cousins twins, but I was running out of time and really needed to get the quilt done so I decided to put those on hold and finish them for the twins birthdays in June.

Angela's Xmas Present 2012


I did make a present for our friend Angela that has a bakery in Wisconsin.  I saw the pattern in the 123 Stitch ad and just had to get it.  It only took me 13 days to finish it back in September, mostly working on it at night after Alex went to bed.  It is almost all backstitch and went really fast.  She loved it, I’m not sure if she’s hanging it at home or at the bakery.