Blog Change & Dear Jane Siggies

Well, I think I have everything working properly now, if you find anything that seems broken please let me know!  Hubby and I decided to move the blog to a server hosted at home instead of on Godaddy in order to save a little money.  Just took a little time to get everything working the way I wanted it.

2013-01-04 15.34.52_1Dear Jane siggie quilt I decided to finally start working on putting together my Dear Jane Siggie quilt and see if I could get the top put together before the next guild meeting.  Thinking about seeing if there is any interest in a block exchange in the guild and I wanted to have this done so I could use it as an example of a siggie quilt.  Doesn’t need to be quilted, just put together!  Other option would be like the one I did with the Quilting Stash Yahoo Group in 2009 (still not quilted!)  Still in discussions with the guild president so we’ll see what happens in the next week.  In the mean time I am going to see if I can at least get the top finished.  I have all the colored squares picked out and I have some of the black ones ready to go.  I am hoping to get the rest of the squares cut out this weekend and be able to start working on the strips around the siggie blocks.  I will be cutting all the siggie blocks down to 4.5″ and then adding the strips to make them 6″ finished like the 9 patches.  I think it looks pretty good, the image doesn’t show the scrappiness of the quilt, I didn’t feel like taking the time to color everything differently.
I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on my newest cross stitch project, time to shut the computer off and get to work on it!