Ironing Station Finished!

I’m absolutely thrilled with how this looks finished!  I put about 4 layers of cotton batting on before I put the fabric on.  I decided to use one of my favorite patterns, Equinox by Blank Textiles, since I had a bolt of this bright pink that I haven’t used up yet.  I think it’ll hide a lot of the dirt, and if it doesn’t I can always put something else on it!  I probably could have done this cheaper by getting a shelving unit for $20-30, but I already use these storage tubs and cubes in my office.  It made sense to expand the space for the tubs.  Total I spent under $200 for the cubes and plywood.  The batting and fabric was already here and I didn’t need to buy any.  I think I emptied half of my batting tub on this!  I was going to use some hi-loft poly batting, but thought it might melt and I should use cotton instead.  I can’t wait to start using it!