2013-05-17 08.00.12

I know I shouldn’t be spending money on fabric and notions, but sometimes you just can’t help it ya know?  I needed batting for a couple of quilts so I went to Joann’s last week.  I need some more pins for hexagons, so I can prep more for basting.  I think I’ve figured out what blocks I want to do for the guild block exchange and I needed a 3″ finished half square triangle die.  Unfortunately I’m a dope and forgot that I already had that die, now I need to take this one back.  You know how when you have a 60% off coupon, you HAVE to use it?  Well that’s why I bought the jelly roll, absolutely no clue what I’ll do with it, but I loved the pattern!

2013-05-21 14.19.17I’m also participating in the fat quarter exchange at guild and they are due at our next meeting.  So Alex and I went the other day to Olla Mae’s, which happens to be closing by the end of June!, and I got almost all of the 26 fat quarters I need.  Of course I bought a few things for myself too! The aqua-ish fabric is for the block exchange, I just need a few more fabrics and I can wash it all and start working on blocks!  They aren’t due until September, but as the coordinator I want to have them done early.

I’ve spent the last few days working diligently on the final cross stitch project for my cousin’s twins.  Now I need to wash them and get the sewed into wall hangings before the party on June 8th.  Shouldn’t take too long, so I’m not worried.  But that means I can now start working on my hexagons again.  Got the first round completed last night on one of them, hopefully I can finish that diamond tonight.  Then I’ve only got 1 more and I can add the next row to the mother ship.

Hopefully be back soon with an update on the hexagon diamonds quilt!