Electric Quilt on the Mac!

I am super thrilled!!!!  A few months ago someone posted on one of my EQ groups that EQ was coming out with a version for the Mac.  After we got our tax refund last year I moved to a MacBook Pro laptop and this year after we got our tax refund I got a Mac Mini.  Since I really only have a few programs that run in windows or don’t have a replacement version for the Mac I decided to use Parallels and run those programs under windows on my macs.  So when I found out that a Mac version was coming I was all for it!  This means 1 less program I need to use Parallels for, and if I ever find a decent embroidery program for the Mac that isn’t a lot of money I might be able to get rid of it!

Film at Five 1x1
Any way, they were looking for people to beta test and I signed right up.  We just got the beta version a week or so ago and I’ve been spending time as I can on it. I like taking quilts I find on websites or in magazines and redesigning them in EQ. This allows me to make changes to them as I need, depending on what colors I have in fabric or sizes I have already cut out.  I designed one recently from a website that is 5 x 5 25-patch blocks with sashing to make a quilt measuring 86″ x 86″.  Of course I need to see what the different sizes are going to be so I looked at 4×4, 3×3, 2×2, and 1×1.  I think I might start with making the 1×1 because it’s the perfect size for a table topper!  This might be the best way for me to get sewing again!