Odds and Ends

Well since I finished the baby’s blanket this week I’ve been working on hexies! Don’t have any pictures of them yet, I’ll probably wait until I have all the diamonds for the row completed.

2014-03-09 10.24.24Alex spent the night at my parents last night so I pulled some pink fat quarters and set to work cutting everything out for baby girl’s signature quilt.  This morning I managed to complete 22 of the 36 blocks I need for the top.  I need to make a run to Joann’s so I can get more Kona white for the rest of the blocks. I thought I had more than I did!  Hopefully I can buy a whole bolt and be set for awhile, I do have a 40% off coupon to use.  If I do go to Joann’s (which I probably will), I’m planning on getting the yarn to start another blanket for Kimmie’s friend.  I think I’ll be able to work on that while I take care of everyone else – it might just be my sanity check!

2014-03-09 10.24.18I also managed to finally iron and put together the first 2 blocks in the Good Night Irene sew along.  I’m SO far behind on this SAL!  It doesn’t really matter, I know I can catch up pretty quickly since I already have all the pieces cut out, I just need time (and energy) to sit at the machine to work on it.  I’m hoping I’ll find some time once I can sit at the machine better – there’s no a whole lot of room between the table and my stomach right now!

We’ve now completed 3 EQ sessions with the other quilt guild in my area.  I’m loving teaching again, even though I am now taking a month or so off for the baby.  Everyone says they are learning a lot on how to use the software, which is wonderful!  Can’t wait to see what they do with the assignment I gave them for April while I’m on “maternity leave”.

Gotta run, need to get 2 months worth of newsletters posted for our guild!

Off the Needles!

DSC_7627I finished it!!!! I actually finished on Monday (3/3), but just got around to taking pictures today.  I kept forgetting to take the good camera upstairs with me and I only go up twice a day anymore.  It took me 2 months (almost exactly) of work and I did leave 2 of the repeats out because I didn’t think it needed to be any longer and because she’ll be here soon!  Of course I finished it before my c-section was scheduled, but we found out yesterday that it is planned for 3/21, that’s only 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!! I can’t wait to wrap her in this blanket totally made with mommies love!  Now I can work on hexies until I get more yarn so I can start a blanket for Kimmie’s friend who is due in July.  Gotta keep practicing!DSC_7629

Before Alex was born I made a signature quilt and had everyone at the shower sign it.  Well we aren’t having a shower for little girl so I couldn’t do the same thing.  However I have decided that I will make signature blocks and anyone that comes to visit at the hospital or here at home needs to sign them.  Then eventually I’ll put it all together into a quilt and it can hang in her room like Alex’s does.  I’ve already designed the quilt and I’ve pulled some pink fat quarters out of the stash.  Need to check one more place to see if there are any more pinks, might get a few more at the new Joann’s that’s opening tomorrow.  Alex will be staying at my parents Saturday night, so hopefully Sunday I can cut everything out on the Studio and start sewing.  Alex likes to help me push the pedal on the sewing machine, so maybe he can help me next week too!

Off to rest my back, teaching EQ tonight and my back hurts after sitting at the computer too long!

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