Merry Christmas!

2014 Xmas CardI know, it’s a few days after Christmas, but I haven’t had time!! These kids have been keeping me busy with school for Alex and just taking care of a super mobile 9 month old! I still don’t have much time to sew, but I’ve been working on some knitting and hand work. For Christmas I asked the hubby to get me a sample kit from a site called They have a monthly subscription where you get yarn, a pattern and some other items, and I wanted to see what it was like.  While I think it’s a good idea, I don’t think it’s for me, it’s a lot of money for yarn and other silly items that I just can’t use.  The one I got is here and I love the yarn color a lot, I just have no use for a big pom-pom!

122814 - Quilts entered in quilt showLet’s see, to catch up the last few months.  We had our guild quilt show in October, and I entered 5 quilts. We don’t do awards or anything in our show, maybe in future years we will. The only quilt I’ve been able to finish this year was Cassie’s wall quilt – I finished the binding 2 days before it needed to be turned in for the show! We had a great show and raised a lot of money for the guild, our next one isn’t until 2016, maybe I can get hexie diamonds finished to enter!

polar bearsI didn’t make any presents this year, well except for the calendars I make every year. I just did not have as much time as I used to have and unfortunately sewing was on the bottom of the list. I did make 25 little candy cane holders for Alex’s 2 classes (daycare and preschool). They were so cute and the kids liked them (or so I’m told!). It took me quite a few days to make all of them, I had some issues with the embroidery machine that I had to work out before they started moving smoothly.

Gavin blanketI finally finished the blanket for my sister’s friend. They loved it and I’m happy to have given something to that sweet little boy! The 18 rows of border went fast, and I don’t think there are that many errors in it. I know there are a few, but I doubt they’d ever notice it! Once I finished working on the blanket I decided to take apart the blanket I was crocheting for my sister and start all over with a knitted pattern. I found a nice pattern called Ziggy-Zaggy on Ravelry and I’ve gotten 1 repeat done already.  It’s slow only because I only knit at night and lately I’ve been too tired to do any work! I’ll get a picture next time I have it out.

Hexie Insanity 122814Back in August I started working on a new hexagon quilt. I’ve been slowly working on it and currently have 18 of 158 diamonds and 17 of 64 flowers completed. I had won a gift certificate to our local quilt shop at a guild meeting a few months ago and bought 5 quarter yards of some nice bright Moda Marbles and a yard of a white for the background. Now that the holidays are over I’m hoping to get more of this fabric cut up so I can work on prepping more hexies. Hexies are just the perfect thing to work on at night, as long as I’m not falling asleep!

I can’t remember if there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can always do another post if there is! I’m hoping to start posting at least once a week, whether I have something done or not!