Hexie Insanity Update

hexi insanity 070915I’ve been busy with the kids and camping this summer and just haven’t had a lot of time to work on my projects. Cassie is teething and that means lots of sleepless nights for her and for me.

I’ve been working on white hexies for hexie insanity, and started putting the pathways on diamonds so I can start deciding how I want these to go together. I’ll be awhile before I actually stitch them together – I think – but at least I won’t have to do the pathways too. We have a lot more camping trips scheduled for the summer, mostly weekend trips, but one of them is a longer trip to Virginia to Smith Mountain Lake – where we are having something of a family reunion – get to see my BIL, his girlfriend and all the kids along with lots of other family members. I’m going to try working on hexies in the car this time, which I didn’t even try on the Missouri trip, just because I really wanted to read on that trip! I have a lot of white hexies to baste! I hope to post again tomorrow with an update on my sock knitting, getting close to where I need to figure out how to do the heel!