Hexie Insanity Update and a Win!

Hexi Insanity 013116It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on Hexie Insanity. I’ve been working on getting the white on white pathways attached to all my diamonds that were already put together. I have about 7 left (I think) that need the pathways and then I can start making more diamonds! I have all the single hexies completed (in the small container in the right corner) and ready to be put to use in the pattern. I really want to get all the diamonds completed before I decide how I want this to look, follow a pattern, rainbow, random? I’m sort of thinking a controlled random – so the same colors aren’t near each other but we’ll see. I still have 103 diamonds left to make! I also have 42 flowers left to make for the border, last summer I started putting the first border together, only to shift focus to the diamond pathways instead. It will get finished eventually, I knew it would be a slow, couple year project when I started it.

Scrap Win 013116I enter giveaways all the time and while I can’t say I never win, I hardly ever win. Last week I got an email saying that I had won a giveaway for some fabric scraps and she needed my address to send them. I thought it was a hoax! Once I searched on the email address and found the blog again, re-engineered, I remembered entering the giveaway. I love all the purples! I’ll have to keep them in the bag so they don’t get mixed up with my stash so I can make something with all of them.

Hope to be back this week with another finish, I have a table runner that I want to see if I can make and finish!