Off the Needles!!!

Finished socks 042816It took almost an entire year for me to complete my first pair of knitted socks. It took me a long time to finish the ribbing on the second sock. With the small needles I was using doing a k2p2 took such a long time! I haven’t tried them on yet, I want to wash them and let them dry on the blocker boards. I like the second sock (the one on top) a lot better because it’s a bit smaller and looks nicer. I’m trying to decide if I want to start a new pair of socks as a gift or if I want to make another pair for myself to practice the pattern I want to use as the gift. I also have 3 other projects I’m working on, a scarf for Alex (now that winter is over!), a shawl for me and an afghan for my sister that’s been in process for years. I guess I need to decide what project is next, but I’ll do that later I want to go sew right now! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Off the Needles!!!”

  1. Fun socks! Aren’t you glad they are finished? I have the worst time getting motivated to finish sock # 2. Sigh.

  2. Your socks are WONDERFUL!! I just finished my first pair and thought they were pretty great but yours are so much better!! Can you tell me the yarn you used and the pattern? Thanks!

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