It’s Been Awhile…Again

*sigh* I always have the best intentions when it comes to blogging, and then I get busy with non-quilty things and it’s almost 2 months since my last post! So let’s see if I can catch up on the last month and a half!
raffle-baskets-100816Our Guild Quilt Show was wonderful! We had over 150 quilts hanging and it was great to see all the people enjoy the show. I had a good time setting up Thursday and then working Saturday and Sunday. To my surprise when I showed up Sunday to help with tear down, at least 5 ladies told me I won 2 of the raffle baskets! I was majorly surprised and couldn’t believe my luck! I also tried to get a full length shot of my Mario Quilt – unfortunately it didn’t work very well and I had to take 2 pictures and stitch them together, so it doesn’t line up very well. I still love it and it’s been on our bed since it was finished.full-sized-mario-quilt-100816

After the quilt show, we celebrated Alex’s birthday. I still can’t believe he’s 6 now! We had a wonderful party weekend with tons of friends and family. There were a few camping trips thrown in there, and we always have fun with that!

birthday-gifts-110816Next up was my birthday in the beginning of November. My wonderful husband picked a bunch of items off my wish list, all of them crafting related! I’ve wanted to try Cascade 220 yarn for a while, and I now have 2 skeins to play with! I know what I’m making with one of them, I need some ear warmers for the cold walk down the driveway to the bus! Unfortunately I can’t start it yet as all my needles are in use. If I have time tomorrow I might stop at Joann’s and see if I can use a coupon to get another set of needles with cables so I can start it. I don’t think it will take long to make.

I made my sister yet another ladybug decoration for her birthday. I actually made 2, but I didn’t get a picture of the blanket before I gave it to her. I need to get her some command hooks that she can use to hang this up next time I’m at Walmart. The blanket is a Cuddle Kit that I bought at Lolly’s when we were there in August. We saw them in the store and I told her I’d buy it and make it for her birthday. The fabrics are SO soft, I love them, but I don’t like sewing them. Every time you make a cut it sheds all over the place. I didn’t find them easy to work with. I have a small amount of leftover fabrics that at some point I’ll use to make her a pillow, but it won’t be anytime soon!

Ok, I have some more to catch-up on, but I’ll do another post with all my hexie updates in the next day or two.