Weather Wednesday 07-19-17

I’ve been working on my hexie blocks for the temperature quilt, but it’s slow going. I spent some time to sort through 2.5″ squares and gather the weeks together so they are ready when I have time to work on them. Linking up to Sarah did it!

EPP Party block 3
EPP Party block 5

The other reason it’s slow going is because I have too many EPP projects! I’ve been concentrating this week on getting caught up on the EPPParty blocks. Blocks 3 and 5 are now done, and I’m currently working on Block 4. Just one more block after that and I’m caught up – but Block 7 is going to be released on Monday! I have the next pack of EPP papers coming, had a sale so I ordered!

I’m still trying to work on Dear Jane EPP and Hexie Insanity, but we’ve been traveling a lot and I just haven’t worked on them. I’ve also participated in some more hexie swaps on Instagram, I have a lot of blocks to put together!

One thought on “Weather Wednesday 07-19-17”

  1. I love your #3 block. I’ve made that pattern with just 3 fabrics but now I might need to do scrappy also. Love those purples for ur temp quilt!

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