2015 Challenge

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bookworm. There I said it.  I have been a reading machine all my life. Today I was listening to Very Lazy Daisy’s latest podcast and she mentioned a reading challenge that she was going to do from a list on The Dusty Bookshelves blog. I looked at it and thought, that shouldn’t be too hard for me. But then I got on GoodReads because they have a 2015 Reading Challenge too (Daisy mentioned this too).  You decide how many books you want to read in the year. Most people are doing 1 a month, 2 a month, some are doing 50 for the year.  Me? I’m insane or something because I choose to put 100 books for this year! Now I’ve already read like 6 books this year, but since I can’t remember exactly which ones were actually started and finished this month, I’m going to start with the one I finished this morning – Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich. I have a widget in the side bar that will be updated when I update GoodReads – and I just added their app to my phone so I can update whenever I have time. Lucky for me, this book meets both challenges!! Eventually I will put up a chart for the Dusty Bookshelves Challenge, it just won’t be today!