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On the Needles – February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  We don’t really do much to celebrate, we really just get each other cards. We are going out to dinner tonight with Alex, and I guess we are taking him to Amazone, so he can play with other kids and we can sit and enjoy him having fun.


I have been working VERY hard on the blanket for little girl and I’m happy to say I’m almost halfway done.  I just finished the third repeat of the pattern and have 3 to go, plus a half repeat, plus the border.  I might decide to make it a little smaller and skip a few of the repeats, I’m not sure yet.  We’ll see how big it looks when I get the next repeat completed.  I only have 6 weeks until she’s born, and it’s already taken me 6 weeks to get this far! I’m really liking the pattern and it has gotten LOTS easier as I go.  I had a problem last week where I was missing a stitch and had done 2 rows, thank goodness I only had to take out 1 row and a little bit of the second row to pick up the dropped stitch.  Unfortunately I didn’t see where the dropped stitch was until after I got that first row out.  I’m still working on getting my stitches to be uniform in tightness, but it’s really difficult for me.

I still haven’t worked on any quilting in the last few weeks, I’ve just been too busy trying to get this done.  I really miss my hexagons and I have a new design I want to do with either 1/2″ or 3/4″ hexies – the pattern calls for 1/2″, but that might be too small for me I need to do some testing first!

Gotta run, time for lunch and get Alex to bed for his nap, or we’ll never be able to go out tonight!

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  1. Ramona

    Your blanket is coming along so nicely. If the knitting has gotten easier, maybe you will be able to knit a little faster. In any event, it is going to be just lovely.

  2. Ann


  3. Judy S

    Very pretty blankie! Hope you have a nice dinner out!

  4. Dar in MO

    What a beautiful baby blanket. I agree with Ramona that as you knit more you will get faster. I’m finding that is true with my first pair of socks. You are ahead of me in going back to find a dropped stitch though. I haven’t figured that out yet.

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