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On the Needles – January 2, 2015

camo blanket 010215OMG it’s January! Last week I mentioned that I took apart a crochet blanket I was making for my sister and started it over as a knitting project instead. I’ve got the border and first repeat completed and I’ve just started the second repeat (26 rows) tonight. This is going to take awhile to complete, I’m a very slow knitter! Since no one bought me the Addi Click Interchangeable needles for Christmas, I’m going to save up my teaching money and buy them for myself. I’m already halfway there, so it’ll only take another month I think. I have a Craftsy class for socks that I want to start when I have time, but I’ll need needles for it.  I’m really comfortable with needles on cables, so hopefully I can do socks that way!

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  1. Paula.thequilter

    I knit an afghan using some alpaca and then folded it up and put it on a shelf. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made it as it has been on that shelf for several years. But I now have a plan! I am going to felt that sucker and then cut it up and sew it into a vest.

  2. Judy S

    Love that color yarn, so glad you didn’t give up!

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