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Design Wall Monday – January 19, 2015

Alex's Quilt 011815Well I’m FINALLY working on Alex’s quilt again! I got all the blocks put together last week and ironed on Friday. After my sister cleaned on Saturday I laid everything out on the floor in the living room – this thing is a lot bigger than I thought! I like the way it looks with all the different colored strips on the blocks, hopefully he likes it too! I have the top half of the quilt webbed together so I don’t lose any blocks or turn them the wrong way.  I’m using my Good Night Irene quilt blocks as leader/enders so that I can get some work done on that one too. I’m glad to finally be sewing again, I need it these days for stress relief! Hope to have these blocks put together by the end of the day – depends on if the kids nap this afternoon. I think I’ll be doing a thin black border and then I was thinking of doing a piano key border with the 4 solid colors from the blocks, but I might need to get some more!

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  1. Terri

    Love your quilt. It’s and interesting set. Is it an Eye Spy? It’d be a great set for one.
    Thanks for sharing your picture.

  2. Kate

    Beautiful, bright and fun! The quilt looks great. Hope you get in some stitching time on it soon.

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