On a Roll!

Alex's Quilt 012015Oh my am I on a roll this week!! I have the center of Alex’s quilt completed, I just need to add a thin black border and then a piano key border after that.  Unfortunately I need more fabric for that so it will have to wait until hubby’s payday. I put it on his bed the other night so I could decide whether the borders were needed or not, and I just want to put the piano key border on the sides and bottom, it’s not needed on the top at all.

Good Night Irene 012215I’ve been using my Good Night Irene blocks as leader enders while working on Alex’s quilt, and I’m flying on getting them done! I have 8 more of the 16 patch blocks to do and then start working on the pieced blocks that make up the first border. I need to cut out the white squares before I can put those together though. Maybe by the end of the weekend I can have it all put together and figure out something for the final border from the stash.

Plan on working on some hexies later today, going to take my car for a major wash inside and out, so I’ll be working on them while I wait.

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