Well, it’s been a few weeks – and was totally unavoidable!  My dog had to have back surgery and then my parents went out of town and I had to stay at their house to watch the dog.  Haven’t had time to get back to posting here.

Yesterday was my birthday and my wonderful husband got me some of the quilting books I wanted.  ABCs of Longarm Quilting (Patricia Barry), The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting (Linda Taylor) and Make Money Quilting (Sylvia Landman).  I asked him if he was trying to tell me something 🙂  I bought a Mini-Pinni quilt frame by The Grace Company last month.  With everything that keeps happening I haven’t been able to go upstairs to practice and learn how to use the doggone thing!  I’m hoping to be able to spend next weekend sewing – with my machine on the frame I can’t even do piecing right now!  Prior to getting the frame I spent an entire weekend and used lots of stash on 5 different items – 2 table runners, a table topper a lap quilt and a wallhanging (pictures below).  I wanted to have things to practice on – unfortunately I’m not even to a point where I can quilt those items!  I’m still trying to figure out how the Sure Stitch works!


I always have some kind of hand project around that I’m working on, the current project is John Flynn’s Wheel of Mystery kit with Fossil Fern Flannel.  I bought it at half price in California last year and decided to do it all by hand.  I’ve got all the pieces put together into 3’s, now I need to start combining them into blocks.  It’s different to be using pre-cut blocks, but they are very nice for doing hand work!  I like having something to sew while we are watching a movie or our tv shows.  Usually it’s something cross-stitch, but I really wanted to work on something different.  If I ever finish this one, I might get another to do – not sure yet.