Design Wall Monday

I’ve been working hard the last week on my hexagon quilt.  Every night after Alex goes to bed I can sit and watch basketball and/or shows with my husband and work on it.  I have a very small section left and I will be halfway done.  I stopped last week at my favorite quilt shop Anna’s Sewing Center and picked up 5 1/4 yards of white on white.  The white sections were starting to look the same, I needed some more variety.  Hoping to get the last section put together tonight while we watch tv and either get it added on tonight or tomorrow while Alex plays.  Then I need to start working on more flowers!  The picture is a little blurry, I took it with my iphone and was trying to keep the dog and Alex off of it.  It is so large I can’t get the picture on my sewing table anymore, it has to go on the floor.

Hexagon Quilt 030512

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