I can’t believe it!  I won a giveaway at Just Keep Stitching today!  I get a Lizzie*Kate chart and a bag of lavender, can’t wait to get the chart, it’s a tooth fairy one and I’ll need to make a tooth fairy pillow in the next couple of years.

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately.  I was working so quickly and so much on the hexagon quilt that I tore my finger up pretty good.  I’ve been letting it heal and working on cross stitch instead.  I joined a SAL (stitch a long) on Facebook and we are working on Joan Elliott’s Dream pattern.  It’s one of a series of 4, and I’ve decided I might as well do all of them and hang them together.  Just waiting to get the book from the library.  Since I finished the first part of the SAL rather quickly I decided to pick up a UFO that has been sitting here for awhile.  It’s a kit that I bought on ebay years ago.  I finished 1 of the 3 parts last year and just put the whole thing away.  In about a week I’ve almost got the 2nd one completed.

I think I’ll be able to start working on the hexagon quilt again soon, I bought some new thimble pads last week, I’m hoping they will help and my finger won’t get all chewed up again.

I’ll be back soon!