So Excited!

I saw this on someone’s blog and pinned it on Pinterest so I could find it later.  I told hubby recently that I wanted to make one because my ironing board SUCKS and is probably 20 years old (inherited it when hubby and his brother moved out of the apartment).  He was in my office the other day and we talked about it and he asked me if I could just put it on top of my Super Satchel Cubes.  I have my printer on top of the 2 sets (2 on top of each other) that I have now so we had said we’d order more next month after he gets paid.  I went looking at prices from the 2 stores I know sell them and found out that Joann’s has a sale going on and they were 40% off!  So I ordered them yesterday, using a free shipping coupon from the iPhone app, and they should be here in a week or so.  Then we’ll just need to get the plywood and batting and I’ll be all set with a new ironing station and a bunch more storage!  Which is fine since I wanted to get some more storage boxes anyway, I love the ArtBin Storage boxes.  It might also help me get some stuff off my sewing table and put away!