A Dear Jane Finish!

No, I didn’t finish my Dear Jane quilt.  But I did finish my Dear Jane Siggie Quilt!  It was really nice seeing the piles of blocks before dinner.  I was really concerned that I was missing 2 of the siggie blocks so I sent a note to the group this morning and found that there were most likely only 48 sent to us.  I’m thrilled!  Unfortunately I had to change the design just a little, one less column and 1 extra row, but I was able to use all the 9-patches I had already started.  I used the Bonnie Hunter method of joining the blocks into rows and I have to say that sewing them together was so easy!  I didn’t have to worry about getting blocks in the wrong place.  I had hubby hold it up so I could get a picture, I think something might be wrong with my camera because the picture is a little blurry, but I might have been trying to take the picture too fast.  I just know it’s done and I’m almost ready for the meeting tomorrow!  Just need to do a sign up sheet and start working on the details.