I did it!

2013-01-31 14.19.07

After this month’s guild meeting I was talking with some women about projects.  One mentioned hand quilting a quilt and I mentioned that I wanted to learn.  She said she’d teach me!  Sue came over this week and showed me what to do, and said it was the fastest she’s ever seen someone pick it up.  I’ve now finished my first practice piece, I just need to fold over the edges and whip stitch it closed.  I can see in some places where the stitches are quite uneven and large, but over I think it looks pretty good.  Since it’s so small I don’t know what I’ll do with it, probably put it under a vase somewhere.  I’ve already got the next practice piece in the hoop (although I need to buy one of my own!) and plan on starting it tonight.  I want to get as much practice in before I start working on the hexagon quilt.  I’m so excited that I’ve learned how to hand quilt, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.2013-01-31 14.19.14

I’m still working on hexagon diamonds, when my fingers hurt from quilting I switch to hexagons.  I only have a handful of the half diamonds to finish and I can start working on the full diamonds again.  If I have the hexagons for the half diamonds basted it only takes me about an hour to put them together. Takes a bit longer for the full diamond.  Hope to be back soon with more pictures.