Hexagon Diamonds Update

Hexagon Diamonds 21313 I only have 1 more diamond to put together and I’ll be able to attach the next row to the main body of the quilt.  I might pick a different half diamond though since it is using the same fabric as one of the diamonds.  They are all ready, just need the 5 black pieces added on and those are fairly easy.

Tshirts Spent the afternoon working on tshirts for my sister’s preschool.  I do the shirts for the staff.  They added 3 colors this time, the lime, orange and hot pink – the others are their usual colors.  As long as I have them finished by Saturday I’m golden, my sister will be coming over and I can send them with her.  Otherwise Alex and I will just have to take a trip out to see Aunt Kimmie!

I’m such a bonehead!  Last night I was working on my hand quilting and bent a needle. So at bedtime I went in my office and was looking for the tub where I have an old mint container where I toss all my broken/bent needles/pins, old rotary blades, etc.  As I’m rooting around for the container my finger hit the rotary cutter with a pinking blade.  It’s not too bad of a cut, just a funky shape because of the pinking blade.  I need to put that thing somewhere else!  I’m also getting another mint container from the hubby, to keep with my hand work in the living room.  Very happy with the way the hand quilting is coming, I need to start thinking about what backing to use for my hexagon quilt so I can get it basted and ready to put in the hoop.  I think I need to buy some batting too, need to see if I have anything large enough.  I have a packaged one, that was supposed to be for our flannel bed quilt, but now I’m thinking that since that one is all flannel (even the backing!) that I don’t want any batting in it.  I think we’ll be warm enough without it.  So I’ll be able to use that batting for the hexagon diamonds or the hexagon quilt, it will work with either but probably be better for hexagon diamonds since the batting is king sized and hexi diamonds is going to be queen sized.  Oh heck, I’ll just get some batting at Joann’s for the hexagon quilt, now that decision is made I just need to figure out a backing!

Guild meeting is tomorrow night, can’t wait to show off my first hand quilting piece!!!