Love Fat Quarter Shop!

2013-02-22 13.07.51

I got my shipment on Friday, but it’s been a little busy around here and I haven’t had time to post it yet.  I love the way things are packaged when you get order from Fat Quarter Shop.  Everything is in nice zipped bags and fit in just the right size box with no extra shipping “junk” in it.  I got a few things for myself, charm packs of Moda marbles – bright, pastel, citrus and warm – and a mini charm pack of Indigo Crossing.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with any of it, the mini charm pack might end up being a hexagon pillow or something since they are already 2.5″ squares.

2013-02-22 13.08.55

The main purchase is the Camp Peanuts bundle to make a quilt for Alex’s bed in the RV.  I need to decide on a pattern, I’m not sure the one I was thinking of will work.  I’m going to need to muddle on it for a week or two before I start anything.   Alex saw it the other night and flipped out, he likes Snoopy!

I’ve been thinking about getting an Accuquilt Studio lately.  They have a sale going on that ends today, but it’s not enough of a sale to tempt me yet.  The Studio cuts more layers of fabric, the Go can only do a maximum of 6 layers.  I’m just starting to think I need more of a power house than the Go.  It would have to be just the right sale to get me to do it though, since it’s a lot of money!  There are more dies for the Studio than the Go and now that they have a tray that you can use the Go dies.  So I’m not wasting the ones I’ve already bought.  I’d still keep my Go since it’s portable and can be used anywhere.  I’d just have to figure out where to put the Studio in my office, since I’m a little packed in here already.  I might be able to put the printer somewhere else and put the Studio in its place.  Since I’m not ready yet it doesn’t matter too much though!  But that is something to think about before I buy it!

I don’t have anything new to show on Hexagon Diamonds, I wasn’t feeling well part of the week and didn’t do much work.  I did however get all 5 diamonds prepped with the black pathways and I’m almost done with the first one.  I hope to finish it tonight while we watch the Miami-Cleveland basketball game.  Hopefully I’ll have an update on that soon!