Wiggly Whimsy – Row 3

I am FINALLY able to sit at the sewing machine and work on a project.  We’ve had a lot of illness in the house the last few weeks and when we weren’t sick we were either packing my sister’s apartment or actually moving her to the house.  The move is all done and while Alex and I are still sick, we are feeling much better!

2013-03-24 16.31.19So while Alex napped today I decided to work on the next row for Wiggly Whimsy.  3 rows are now completed and I can’t wait to see this completed.  I think it’s going to look really cool with the black background. I’m really happy with how this quilt is turning out.  I just finished sorting the rest of the 2.5″ squares into 4 piles for the rest of the rows.  I might see if I can get all of the squares put together tonight – unless the hubby wants to watch shows!  I took a picture of all 3 finished rows together, just looks cool! 2013-03-24 16.32.54

Since I have a lot of projects that I’m working on that are using black as a background, I decided to get a bolt of the black Kona from Joann’s.  A bolt is 8 yards and while it’s 7.99 a yard, I got a discount on the last 3/4 yard since it wasn’t a full yard.  Plus I used a 40% off coupon and paid less $45 for 7+ yards of fabric plus a couple of water soluble markers that I need for my hand quilting.  I shouldn’t need anything else to finish Wiggly Whimsy, and hopefully nothing else for the hexagon diamonds quilt.

I don’t have an update on hexagon diamonds, since I haven’t really been working on it lately.  When I was sick I just didn’t feel like working on any hand work. I was working on the hexi prep during the last guild meeting, and it just sat for a week or 2.  I almost have 1 of the 4 diamonds completed that I need for the next row, hopefully will be putting that all together by the weekend.

I’ll try not to be a stranger anymore, Alex has finally hit the terrible twos and I need the sewing to keep my sanity!