Small Updates

2013-03-26 15.44.33

I have been trying to work on projects again now that everyone is on the mend.  I spent the afternoon putting binding on some baby quilts for the guild.  These are just pre-quilted pieces of fabric that needed binding so I said I’d take 2.  Granted I brought these home in February and should have finished them already, but that’s ok.  Binding is now attached to 1 side, and I’ll work on sewing it to the back this weekend during all the family travels for Easter. I can return these in April so they can be donated to one of the charities we support.

2013-03-26 15.44.11

I’ve gotten another hexagon diamond done this weekend, I have 3 more and I can start adding the next row. Hoping to have another overall picture by Monday, but I’m not counting on it!  I am planning on working on another diamond tonight, might be able to get it done while I watch tv.

I did manage to get all the squares put together into sets on Sunday afternoon.  So next time I can sit down and work on Wiggly Whimsy I can attach the rectangles on all of them.  I love that this is a SAL, however these rows go together so fast I just can’t wait until the next month to work on it.  So I’m thinking I’ll just work on it in batches when I can and see when I get it done.

We had our taxes done last night and are getting a refund.  Hubby said I can get a Mac mini since my PC is getting older and having issues.  Instead of reformatting everything I’d much rather get something new.  I think we are ordering it tonight, I hope it gets here fast!!!