Designing Quilts

9 patch with black squares_1I don’t know what the heck I was thinking in designing another quilt today, but I did.  I was browsing ebay and saw a quilt I liked that was just 9 patches alternated with solid black squares.  So I decided that since I have so many 2.5″ squares to use up that I’d just design the same thing so the 9 patches would use my squares.  I’ll have to manually rotary cut the black alternate squares, but that will be pretty easy since they are cut at 6 1/2″.  There are 41 9 patches, 40 alternate blocks, and 60 4 patches for the border.  It will take awhile to complete this, but I can use the 9 patches and 4 patches as leader/enders while I work on other projects!  I have plenty of black since I just bought that bolt at Joann’s, so I should be able to do all of this from what I have at home.  I’ll worry about backing and binding once it’s complete.  Maybe I’ll use some of my equinox for the back, I don’t know.  I have quite awhile before I have to worry about it!