The Red, White and Blue

2013-04-24 22.58.50So I’ve been a busy beaver today! I spent the remaining time of Alex’s nap today to finish cutting out the red, white and blue quilt using the Go.  I used all scraps (red and blue) and stash (white) to make this quilt and I’ve now got 3 out of 7 rows put together.  I’m pretty sure I can finish putting this quilt together.  I haven’t decided about a border yet, but I do have a few ideas for the backing. I also haven’t decided if I I’m going to donate this for community service at guild or if I’m going to keep it.  Might make a good quilt for camping.  As is without a border it will be around 27″ x 31.5″, I’ll have to see what it looks like when I’ve got the blocks put together.  Might have another finished top by tomorrow!  Gotta love being able to cut quilts out so fast and accurately!!!