Red, White and Blue Finished!

2013-04-25 14.40.39Well I did it, I finished the top today! I love how it looks and I love that it took me only a hour or so to cut the whole thing out.  The possibilities are endless with this block, so many settings.  I think I’m going to donate this for community service for our guild, I’m waiting for word on what size they need.  That way I can decide if I’m putting a border on it or not.  If not, then I’ve also found the backing already.  This was totally made from scraps and I’m happy that I have another way to use scraps up – that doesn’t use 2.5″ squares 🙂  I am really glad that I bought my Go and that they are coming out with dies that allow you to cut out more pieces at a time.

2013-04-25 14.44.44Some how when I was cutting out the blue triangles I ended up with an extra one.  As I was figuring out where to put it, I thought about the chisel die I have.  Guess what, the 3″ finished triangle fits perfectly on the chisel piece!  Oh man is my mind churning with ideas!  I can see a quilt with all scraps, a 2 color, again the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I need to stop thinking about these for awhile though, I need to design and make the quilt for Alex for the RV, plus I have a few I should get quilted before I start making more tops.